Enhancing performance, productivity and the guest experience


Key Features

innLine has become the Brand Standard for many hotel groups due to its ability to support:

  • Multiple languages – our multi lingual platform supports the most widely spoken languages
  • Guest Voice Messaging – free up staff time by eliminating the need to deliver messages to rooms
  • Wake-up Calls – automatically placed, reports are generated as standard
  • Group Messaging – to facilitate tour leads to create and send voicemail messages to their own group
  • Room Status – easy management of room stock for efficient housekeeping

Your Central Communications Hub

iLink has become the gold standard for hospitality middleware providing certified interface connectivity between every leading PMS system to hundreds of hotel systems. It’s a one stop shop for many hoteliers, offering one connectivity solution for everything they need.

Key Features

iGuest ensures your hotel’s systems support your staff in providing a greater guest experience and support of emergency notifications:

  • Transforms guest service by providing front-line hotel staff with all of the information they need to make the guest’s stay a happy and memorable experience
  • Takes guest data from the hotel PMS and displays it on the colour screen of the Mitel 6940 handset when the call is received
  • Hotel staff can be better informed and provide a proactive service to enhance the guest experience
  • Provides visual alerts of emergency calls and missed wake-ups supporting the requirements of Ray Baum’s Act and Kari’s Law

No Apps, No Downloads – Just Better Guest Service

iPortal is a unique solution. It boosts hotel revenues by generating additional bookings and enhances the guest experience to provide guests with all the hotel information they need, directly to their own mobile devices using a QR-Code. Importantly, it supports the desire for us all to contribute to a better and more sustainable future.

 Your custom branded Guest Services iPortal solution displays real-time information to your guests on the lead up to and throughout their stay.


Guest Messaging Contact Center

iNotify is an intelligent messaging platform that integrates hotel
systems with Apps already resident on a guests’ mobile handset (such as
WhatsApp). With a quick opt-in to receive hotel notifications, iNotify
is the perfect solution to send, receive and manage guest service

  • Alleviates the need for users to install yet another App
  • Utilises WhatsApp’s encrypted secure messaging facility
  • Seamless engagement with your guests and prospective guests
  • Supports sending of photographs to explain issues, so you can respond and deal with the problem in a fast and efficient manner
  • Increase the opportunity for additional revenues by sending messages of promotions or events
  • Routine guest requests can be answered automatically – e.g. “how do I get to the hotel from the station?”
  • Emergency Notifications can be dealt with directly, with a timeline recording
  • Upon departure, a final message “Thank you for staying with us – we’d be grateful if you would provide a review” message can be sent, and auto removal from the hotel messaging system occurs