Pro Connect SIP

Peterson Communications Group + Edge Communications Solutions

Our secure, reliable SIP Trunking is delivered via a state-of–the-art network with industry-leading features. No other carrier approaches our extremely high levels of quality service and support.

Prices as low as $13.00 per Channel/Line & DID’s as low as $0.75 each - Per Month

Expertly Supported

  • 24×7 monitoring, management, and support by the Edge Network Operations Center.
  • Our SIP engineers assist in trunk setup.
  • Friendly and helpful quotation, contract, and billing support.


  • Transfer your existing numbers or choose new numbers from any area code/exchange in the US.
  • Forward calls to any phone number via our self-management portal.
  • Re-route calls to different locations for Disaster Recovery. 
  • Different Calling Name ID for E911 vs other calls.


  • Operates over any broadband connection from any provider.
  • Free broadband quality test tool to verify quality of current broadband connection.
  • Connect to any PBX, SBC, router, or firewall or Edge’s Managed SBC (Session Border Controller).


  • Up to 50% cost savings over traditional PRI and their associated per-minute usage plans.
  • Up to 20% cost savings over SIP trunk competitors with their hidden fees and phony surcharges. 
  • Add or subtract capacity instantly at any time.

Standard SIP Trunk Features

  • Local & LD: Unlimited (for standard business lines)
  • Toll Free: Per minute flat rate
  • International: Per minute per destination 
  • DID: Global Availability
  • Number Porting: Nationwide Availability 
  • Caller ID: Included
  • Calling Name: Included
  • E911: Customizable
  • Call Forwarding: Included
  • Failover: Included